Services We Offer

Services We Offer

One-to-One Counselling and Psychotherapy

We offer weekly 1 hour counselling/psychotherapy appointments. Our main method of working is Gestalt Counselling/Psychotherapy. Appointments are available Mon- Fri daytime and evenings. You can request a particular counsellor if you wish. Our fee is €60 per session. To book an appointment please call 087 7014335. For more information please follow the links below:

About Gestalt Therapy for information on how Gestalt Therapy works

Counselling/psychotherapy and meditation group prices for pricing structure

Frequently asked questions about counselling/psychotherapy  for more information on what to expect from counselling

Counsellors; Who we are for more information on Hugh and Tina


Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is a couple? From our perspective couples include not only male/female or same sex intimate couples. We also include other connections such as parent and child, siblings, blended family connections, colleagues etc. Any of these couple combinations may experience difficulty in their relationship and benefit from couple counselling/psychotherapy.

Why couple counselling? Sometimes a particular relationship may become difficult, bringing up uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and behaviours, you may feel that you are stuck and powerless to change how you are relating. Relationships can become affected by each persons unfinished business, by change or loss and habits of relating may become unfulfilling and damaging to each other. Trying to look at the issues between you as a couple can become tit for tat blaming sessions with each person defending their position, this is frustrating, exhausting and demoralising. It can feel that you are both going round in a vicious circle and getting nowhere. Coming to couple counselling provides you with a dedicated, safe space to explore what is happening between you. We ensure that each voice is heard equally, that you are supported to express how you feel and that time is given for you to understand and respond to each other. We can support you to express difficult things and offer an opportunity to step back from 'who did or did not do what' to experience how you are relating to each other here and now.

We offer weekly 1 hour long couple counselling/psychotherapy appointments. Appointments are available Monday-Friday daytime and evenings. Our fee is €60. To book an appointment please call 087 7104335. For more general information please click on the links in the above One-to-One Counselling and Psychotherapy paragraph.


Meditation Group- next group starts September 2017

Meditation is the practice of being in the present moment. It promotes relaxation, calmness, an attitude of acceptance and can help with anxiety and stress. We begin with gentle stretching exercises to bring our awareness into our body followed by a half hour meditation and there is space to ask questions or share learning about meditation at the end. Our meditation is open to beginners and seasoned meditators alike. We also offer tea/coffee after if you wish.

Details as follows:

Date: 10 Saturdays from September 30th to December 2nd 2017

Time: 11am- 12pm

Venue: St. Michael's Family Life Centre, Sligo

Cost: €70 for the 10 weeks

For more information or to book a place please call: 087 7014335



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